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Do I need a prescription to buy Frontline Plus or Advantage?
No.  Frontline Plus and Advantage are non-prescription Over The Counter (OTC) treatments for fleas and ticks.  They are not considered medicine.

Which pests do the various flea products control?
Frontline Plus kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and ticks. Frontline Top Spot kills adult fleas and ticks. K9 Advantix kills adult fleas and repels and kills ticks and mosquitos. Advantage kills adult fleas.

How old does my pet have to be to apply Frontline Plus?
Frontline Plus may be applied to dogs and cats as young as 8 weeks of age.

How quickly does Frontline Plus kill parasites?
Research data shows Frontline Plus will kill fleas within 12 hours of contact with your treated pet. Ticks will die within 48 hours of contact with your treated pet. Fleas and ticks do not have to bite your pet for Frontline Plus to work. Frontline Plus kills fleas and ticks if they simply come into contact with your pet's haircoat.

Are there any side effects when using Frontline Plus?
Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product. Since Frontline Plus is topical some pets may experience temporary irritation at the site of product application. If signs persist, or become more severe within a few days of application, consult your veterinarian immediately.

How long after application can my pet be bathed or go swimming?
Frontline Plus remains effective for 30 days, even if a pet swims or is bathed. After application, keep the dog or cat from getting wet until the application area appears dry, usually 24 hours. If a Frontline Plus is to be applied after a bath, make sure the pet is completely dry before application

How does Frontline Plus spread over a pet's body? How long does this take?
Frontline Plus spreads over the pet's body by a process called translocation. When applied, this product is gradually dispersed by the pet's natural oils, collecting in the oil glands in the skin. It is then "wicked" onto the hair over the next 30 days. The translocation process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Why am I seeing more fleas on my pet after applying Frontline Plus?

After the application of a Frontline Plus, you may see more fleas, but this is an indication that the Frontline Plus is working. Frontline Plus makes fleas hyperexcited, drawing them to the top of the haircoat before dying. This will make them more visible to you.

I treated my pet with Frontline Plus, but I still see fleas in my home. Why?

The fleas you see most likely started as flea eggs that were deposited in the environment before you began using Frontline Plus. Consecutive monthly applications of Frontline Plus to your pet will assist with the elimination of an indoor flea life cycle. In some geographical regions in the United States, it may be required to use the product year-round.

The first step in getting rid of fleas from rugs and carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction. Clean the carpets and rugs with the vacuum cleaner daily. Use disposable dust bags for your vacuum cleaners. Once the dust is collected, seal it and remove it from your home. The fleas go inside the dust bag and the disposable dust bag goes inside the trash can outside.

Furniture is one major host for adult fleas, eggs and larvae, as dogs often sit on sofas and chairs, and cats love to sit, walk and sleep on furniture.  Vacuuming daily is the first option for getting rid of fleas in furniture. When vacuuming, remove all of the couch and chair cushions and vacuum them as well as under them. Try to vacuum all the inaccessible areas of the furniture, and do not forget the areas underneath, using a good quality suction vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning furniture with soap and water comes as next. A good quality detergent would kill fleas, however, this does not solve the problem totally, since eggs and larvae hide in inaccessible areas.

Fleas love to infest and lay their eggs on pets, and carpets, but another often overlooked and untreated area where they infest is curtains. Curtains provide some of the perfect needs for fleas, such as dust accumulation and warmth from the sun as well as heaters in the winter season. In fact curtains are often the major source of flea infestation in the home, and it's often the most overlooked area.  

Cleaning and maintaining your curtain depends upon the type of material they are made of, and other things. First of all if you know the curtains are just some cheap material and you are not too worried about damaging them, take them down, and place them in a washing machine large enough to hold them. Your best bet in washing something as large as curtains is just take them to a laundry mat and use the large machines to wash them. Use any laundry soap that you normally use for washing clothes, and dry them until they are almost dry but not all the way. It's better to hang curtains when they are slightly damp, so they stretch back out a little, and static does not stay in them from the dryer when they are still damp, this makes a lot less dust attract to them.

If you are unsure about the material the curtains are made of, or if they are valuable, you may wish to contact a professional cleaner that does curtains, or take them to a dry cleaner for consultation and possible cleaning. Some curtains have tags on them, that tell you the exactly materials and methods they should be cleaned with, as well as the dryer settings.

What other factors can cause my pet to have fleas even if I have applied Frontline Plus for a few months?

Even though the existing fleas on your pet have been killed, it doesn't mean that new fleas can't hop on your pet.  The application of Frontline Plus to your pet will not kill the fleas that have grown from eggs or larva in your carpeting or furniture unless they come in contact with your pet.  Female fleas can lay 50 eggs which take 21 days to develop into an adult fleas, starting the flea cycle all over again.

If the fleas persist,  make sure that during application you are applying the treatment to the your pet's skin, not the hair.  Wash your pet's bed, blanket, toys and other soft items in the hottest water possible on a regular basis.

If your pets have access to the out of doors or to untreated dogs or cats in your house or neighborhood, that too can increase the risk of picking up new fleas.

Getting rid of fleas from inside your home and off your pets is not the end of the story when it comes to removing fleas. As long as fleas are on the outside of your home, in your lawn, there is a big chance that your free roaming dog or cat would catch fleas all over again. It is therefore necessary to remove fleas from your yard and from your lawn furniture as well.

Fleas breed in humid, shady and moist areas where there is debris that is more organic or where pets frequent. The flea larvae do not survive when flooded with water.

Therefore, the easiest way to get rid of fleas from your lawn is to flood the entire lawn periodically to kill the parasites. The water also washes off the feces of adult fleas on which the larvae survive. In the rainy season, nature takes care of the problem. During a dry season, we have to cut the grass, remove weeds and debris from the lawn and flood it periodically to prevent fleas from breeding as well as to kill the fleas.

What are the Active Ingredients in Frontline Plus?

Fipronil 9.8%  (S)-methoprene 8.8%. Fipronil is a phenylpyrazole antiparasitic agent and (S)-methoprene is an insect growth regulator. Combined together, fipronil and (S)-methoprene kill adult and larval fleas as well as flea eggs.   All stages of ticks are also killed. It works by interfering with the central nervous system of insects, resulting in death. Frontline Plus is a topical solution that collects in the oils of the skin and in the hair follicles.   It is not absorbed into the body and does not circulate through the blood stream. Through the process of translocation, it is spread over the body in about 24 hours. The effects of fipronil and (S)-methoprene last about 30 days and remain effective after bathing or swimming though shampooing should be avoided within 48 hours of application.

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