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We only sell EPA Approved Frontline Plus made for sale in the United States. It is the same Frontline Plus that you would get from your veterinarian.  There is no expiration date shown on Frontline Plus made for sale in the United States. Click here for more info.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Very much love your products and prices. Have referred many new customers to your company."  Heather  7/26/14

"My sister, Margarete, referred me to your site which is very user friendly. I can't believe how much the retailers and vet's offices charge for a three dose pack compared to you. I am on disability, so I appreciate your affordable prices."  Donna  7/15/14

"A great service, very easy to order, and price is right."  Harold  7/1/14

"Thank you, great price and super fast shipping!!!"  Brian  6/19/14

"Please don't laugh, but my  husband wants to know if humans can apply Frontline Plus to their necks.  We live on a very woodsy property, and ticks are abundant, and if there is ONE near him, it will attach itself to him.  He is making me ask this question.  Awaiting your reply...".   Cindy  5/27/14   (Reply to Cindy:  Unless he is a werewolf, the answer is no.  The way Frontline Plus works is it goes into the glands of the animal and then "wicks" up through the hair.  Humans don't have those glands or enough hair.Make sure to listen to this video )

"Repeat customer.  You have made it possible to afford flea protection for my cats and their neighborhood friends.  And no hiding when they see the green tubes. Thanks." Nancy  5/20/14

"Great price. Ships fast."  K.  5/16/14

"Thank you for keeping Frontline inexpensive. Since finding your site I have been able to afford to keep my household pets as well as all of the barn cats treated."  Sarah 5/14/14

"Thanks for the reminder. We have enough Frontline Plus to last until New Years, so we'll be reordering another year's supply right from you guys right after the Holidays. Fluffy, Floozie and Binkie, our three happy, healthy, fearless, flea-less felines, say 'hello'."  William  5/11/14

"Feedback?  Sure.  I can honestly say there are few companies out there that compare to Frontline4Less.  You obviously take the time be sure products are carefully packaged prior to shipment.  Orders are promptly processed, your prices are great, and most importantly, there are very well spelled out instructions for product usem written in plane english that virtually anyone, even me, can easily understand.  Your ethics and concerns are greatly appreciated by me.  Thank-you." Charles  5/11/14

"Love the product, and I can better afford animal protection with the kits.  Thank you for providing this wonderful service to us.  My vet is concerned about flea immunity. Still works for us, however." Daryl  5/11/14

"I have 4 cats. Bought your Frontline Plus kit for cats. Saved me money, the cats are protected, it's a win win for all. Thank you." Bruce  5/6/14

"I just wanted to inform you that I was VERY impressed with your company. I received my order in the mail only 2 days after ordering and it is exactly what I needed. You have made it MUCH more affordable for me to make sure my dog is constantly protected against fleas and ticks and I thank you for that! If you ever need any reviews please let me know and I would be happy to write one for you. You have gained a lifelong customer!"

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