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Please Read Description Carefully  - Kits Do Not Include Individual Monthly Applicators. Each Kit Includes Frontline Plus For Extra Large Dogs 89-132#, Storage Bottle, Dosing Syringe and Instructions*

Why Not Save Money The Way Rescue Shelters And Breeders Do?  Divide A Tube Of Frontline Plus For Extra Large Dogs Up Into Smaller Doses and Treat Your Pet For As Little As $2.08 Per Dose

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* Kits for Cats Include Frontline Plus for Dogs To Be Used On Your Cat.The Active Ingredients in Frontline Plus, Fipronil and (S)-methoprene, are the same for both cat and dog Frontline Plus.  The only difference is the percentage of (S)-Methoprene between the dog and the cat formula. (S)-Methoprene is a flea sterilizer, and the slight 3% reduction in the large dog versus the cat version is negligible.


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