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We only sell EPA Approved Frontline Plus made for sale in the United States. It is the same Frontline Plus that you would get from your veterinarian.  There is no expiration date shown on Frontline Plus made for sale in the United States. Click here for more info.

What Customers Are Saying:

“I have been doing business with Frontline4Less for years.  They always have stock, always ship immediately, without any problems.  Always have coupon codes, too.”   Lori 1/23/18

“I truly appreciate your discount Frontline Plus as I have multiple cats & dogs! I am always thankful when Frontline shows up in my email.”  Susan 9/19/17

“Like ease of ordering and price with available discount ,thank you. Also easier to administer with syringe,kitties don't know it's coming thus faster to give.”  Carol 9/17/17

“Love your product and your fast service!I really appreciate your coupon code discounts as I have now six cats and they appreciate your product too! “  Cindy 8/28/17

“Quick & easy to order and pay. Good price on item desired.”  Alice 6/26/17

“I buy All of my frontline from this site as I have 5 cats and couldn't afford this medicine for my cats if not for this money saving site. Thanks again for your site as it has been a God-send to my household.”  Marilyn 6/24/17

"I have in the past and have been quite satisfied with the timing of receiving the product and in usable condition.  The price can't be beaten, unless it were free!   Great product. Great service."  Sharon  7/9/16

"Being the companion of several 4-legged friends, both cats and dogs, I appreciate the savings I get by purchasing my Frontline products online. I have been a return customer and will purchase again in the future. Thanks."  Lynne  5/3/16

"I love your site.  It is quick and easy."  Rick  6/23/16

"I am so glad I found your on- line site a few years ago. It enablesd me to give my three cats their monthly dose at such a reasonable cost now that I am retired."  Betty  4/28/16

"I am grateful I found Frontline4Less.  The kits were the best value ever!  I have been ordering from you for a couple years.  You are a dream come true.  If not for your website, I would not be able to purchase flea protection for my 3 Kitties.  I am relieved to know I can continue to purchase refills and keep my precious little ones protected each and every month!  Thanks a million...a very satisfied customer."  Patsy 10/15/15

"Thank you for making this affordable. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and your product at your price helps me keep us all flea and tick free. I'm on a fixed income and could not afford this at market prices. Thank you so much....Some of mine are rescues so it makes it a little easier to give these animals a good home and be healthy!!!"  Linda 5/29/15

"I love these refill kits!!! They allow me to treat my pet effectively without being so expensive each month. I'm more likely to dose my pet at the regular monthly intervals if it won't break the bank. "  Virginia 4/27/15

"Thank you so much for supplying frontline for less.I want to be a responsible dog owner but the costs are so high that it makes it diffucult.  I appreciate you're trying to lower the costs."  Jamie 4/25/15

"I'm sorry to hear you will not be able to offer your Frontline Plus "kit" that allows a person to break down the large dose tubes. It's a wonderful service and a cost effective way to treat cats in an affordable manner, which I'm sure is your goal.  We live in the country and have two dozen cats that rely on us for care.  When we saw signs of fleas a couple years ago, I nearly panicked.  Can you imagine the cost of trying to treat so many cats with the individual dose packages?  I got online to search for help, found your web site and your kit and ordered it. It allowed us to treat all of our cats and eliminate the fleas.  So, I wanted to THANK YOU very much.  Not all pet owners need the kit, but for us it saved the day!"  Anita 4/25/15

"Great price for the product and LOVE THE FREE SHIPPING!!!!!  LOVE IT!!! I get so irritated by $5.99 shipping when you know the envelope and stamp didn't cost more than $1 maximum.  Thank you for keeping it simple and cheap!" Mariko  3/15/15

"I have used your site for many years. Thank you so much, I have two small dogs and live on a lake so we have a lot of fleas in our area.  We also travel and find that many locals we frequent also have a lot.  You save us a lot of money!!!" Jayne  2/14/15

"LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!! With 5 cats & a dog, living up in the mountains, WE ALL live in harmony because of YOU!!! They all sleep in or on our bed and I can't thank you enough for the only way we can afford to be comfortable together :-)  RETURN CUSTOMER X 5" Roberta  2/13/15

"I received my Frontline Plus kit in the mail today.  I was pleasantly surprised to open it and see it was the actual Frontline in the original, sealed package.   I can't tell you how much I appreciate the value, easy ordering, and fast shipping!  I will continue to be a customer.  My cat will love you and I love you!  Thank you so much!"  Patrick 2/9/15

"I appreciate the value I get from Frontline4less. Having 4 furry pets on flea prevention gets very expensive and your company makes caring for them so much easier."   Cheri 10/28/14

"I have been ordering my frontline from frontline4less for probably 4 or 5 years now and I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of their product.    I also enjoy the free shipping, that's another bonus. My order always arrives very quickly. Thank you."  Rose 10/18/14

"Thank you for such great deals on a good product.  I have ordered from you for over 4 yrs. now, and have never been disappointed!  The refills are so convenient.  My cats love being flea free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Cheryl 10/8/14

"Thank you! The product and service have always been exceptional. I have 16 dogs that I use Frontline Plus on monthly. The price cannot be beat and the kit is wonderful. My dogs are happy dogs and your high standards make that possible." Elizabeth 9/25/14

"This is my go-to place. the kit is easy and saves substantial cost."  Suzanne  8/14/14 

"Great product. Great price. Easy to use the kits. I am glad you provide an economical way for me to care for my pets."  Peggy  8/9/14

"I truly appreciate the Frontline4Less as I have 9 cats that people have thrown away by my house & a dog too. I cannot afford the price vets charge so I am truly grateful."  Susan  8/8/14

"WOW! I found your ad  and could not beleive the savings you provided. Thankyou for helping a person like myself with multiple pets to take care of. I am grateful for the savings you provided me. I will pass it on!        THANKYOU AGAIN!"  Shirlon  8/6/14

"Great idea selling Frontline in bulk. I work with a small rescue called Pathways Home Animal Rescue. We have been having a terrible time with ticks everywhere. So I bought one of these bulk orders and treated all the dogs that were going for adoption. Great , fast results. I have not considered Frontline before because of the cost but this way I can use the best product and actually solve the problem..."  Sandra  8/4/14

"Just wanted you to know this is my second order.  I am very pleased with prompt service and reasonable price.  Taking care of feral cats can be a challenge.  This helps so much in their care and well-being."  Joanna  8/4/14

"We have been purchasing your Frontline Plus for Dogs for some time now and have never, not once, had any problem with delivery or the product. We are very happy that we found you. Your discounts have also been a blessing to us"  Terry  8/1/14.

"Great price. Ships fast."  K.  5/16/14

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